How to live as stress-free as possible in your home while you are selling it.

Selling your home is a very stressful time. From staging to showings to packing you still have to live in your home while trying to sell it, all the while having it “show ready.”
Here are a few tips to help you live in your home while it is on the market.

* Declutter! Pack, Pitch or Pass it on!

Go from room to room and donate or pack away as much as you can. Rent a storage unit if necessary. That way you can always have access to any items. Decide what you will need over the next few months. Remove personal items like collectibles and family photos. Store valuables in a safety deposit box or in a safe including important documents.

* Deep clean, then keep it clean

Clean up the yard and deep clean the house. Hire someone to help with cleaning! Once the house is clean, don’t let it get out of hand. Adopt a clean as you go policy if possible. That way you are ready even for last minute showings.

*Arrange for pet care

This is a stressful time for sellers, but it is can be very stressful for pets too. Arrange for your cat or dog to stay with a relative, friend, or set up pet care. Cats can get out and not come home, or dogs can become very frightened if they are home for showings. If you can’t arrange care, take your pet out of the home for showings.

*Showings. Have a plan!

Having a routine is great! Ideally, it is best to be out when there is a viewing. That way the Realtor and their clients feel comfortable. Sometimes showings can be last minute so having a game plan as to where you will go and how to do a quick clean and tidy ( trash out, countertops cleared, blinds open, lights on etc.).
Hopefully these tips can help minimize the stress and maximize the sale price!