FREE MOVIE NIGHT – July 20th at James Kennedy Park

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with friends, family + our neighbours?
Imagine James Kennedy Park on a warm summer night, mild breeze drifting through the trees and a throng of people sprawled out on the grass, gathered beneath the stars and moon to share the experience of watching a great family movie in a beautiful outdoor setting.  The Outdoor Movie Night is just like the drive-in of the good old days only without the car. Film lovers are encouraged to bring a blanket or chair to sit on.
We have partnered with Fresh Air Cinema to bring an outdoor movie event to Walnut Grove.  Join us July 20th at James Kennedy Park for the screening of MOANA!
This event is a FREE event for everyone, everyone is welcome and let’s make it fun – come dressed in your favourite Hawaiian themed outfits to help celebrate Summer + MOANA!
Our friends Chase + Skye from Paw Patrol will also be there to meet you and sign autographs!
The movie will start at dusk so please come early and bring your lawn chairs and blankets to grab the best spot, enjoy the weather.
The Food Trucks will be there at 6:30pm so don’t forget your wallet if you are looking for dinner in the park or to pick up some snacks to enjoy during show time!
Taters-LogoTaters will be serving hot and fresh baked potatoes.  You can check out their menu here Taters – the Baked Potato Company.
Cravingskettlecorn-stickerlabel Plain - CopyCravings will be serving their famous Kettle Corn as well as hot dogs, nachos, and hot and cold drinks.  You can check them our at Cravings Kettle Corn.

This is our way of thanking you, the community for all your continued support.

QUESTIONS + ANSWERS – Things to know about our event:


Robles Real Estate Group + Fresh Air Cinema are putting on Moana at James Kennedy Park located in Walnut Grove BC.
MAP for moana
If you are commuting by bike, please make sure to bring a lock to secure your bike to the bike racks and or fence.
Transit Directions
Visit the TransLink website for more information.
Parking will be limited so please consider walking instead, it will be a beautiful night for it!
Are Dogs Allowed?
Great question — we hear this gets asked a lot. We would encourage guests not to bring their pets to shows for a variety of reasons: it’s frequently a long time for animals to sit and they get impatient while you watch a film — which could cause a disturbance for you and others around you; the sound levels and on-screen action may unduly frighten pets; and some guests that sit around you may not enjoy dogs as much as we do.
What Should I Bring? What Should I Wear?
Blankets, lawn chairs, coolers, flashlights, bank card, charged phone, summer gear for the warm days, something warm to bundle up in after sunset, shoes, suntan lotion, insect repellent, a hat and a big bag to take it all home with you at the end of the night.
Where’s The Bathroom?
Before it gets too dark, be sure to know where to go when you gotta go. Identify where our washrooms are (they are located on the East side of James Kennedy Elementary) and how to get there. You’ll thank us later.
Is It OK To Smoke At The Show?
Due to the nature of the event, it being an event with families we request that you do not smoke anywhere on the property.  There are people who have asthma and or allergies, it would be nice to respect all the kids as well.
Can I Save Spaces For My Friends?
You drew the short straw, and so it’s your job to head over to James Kennedy Park to go spread out a blanket for you and your friends to watch the show from later in the evening. That’s cool – we’re good friends like that too. BUT –use your common sense, please reserve up to 6 spots only.  Leave room for everyone else to find a spot.
Can I Bring My Lawn Chair?
Sure – low profile lawn chairs are OK with us. We divide the park down the middle: one side for blankets, one side for lawn chairs. Don’t go putting your lawn chair on the blanket side and be sure you aren’t obstructing anyone else’s views. Yoga mats and bean bag chairs are OK to bring, too.
Can I Dine At The Park?
Absolutely! We have 2 food trucks with fare on site available for purchase so bring your wallet. Leave the BBQs at home. AND PLEASE – use the garbage cans for your trash and recycle your bottles and cans.
Is It OK If I Talk All The Way Through The Movie, Ruining The Entire Film For Everyone Sitting Around Me?
NO. NO. NO. NO. If you want to narrate the whole movie or catch up with your best buds, do us all a solid and just stay home and watch the flick in the comfort of your own living room… where you can talk all you want there, as loud as you want.
Leaving The Park
Help us be great neighbours to our friends and families living in Walnut Grove around James Kennedy Park by keeping the noise down as you leave. They have to work tomorrow so they’ve gotta get their rest too! PLEASE remember to take your garbage with you or use the garbage cans for your trash and recycle your bottles and cans.  Let’s not leave anything behind!
*Parking will be limited so please walk to the park if you can.
**In case of rain the movie will be rescheduled.
***Please be mindful of allergies and help us keep this a nut free event.



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